Please Support us on the Plaza Poll

The Fort Greene Patch have been running a poll on the plaza asking people if they approve or not.

Please could you take a few minutes to follow this link and make your opinion known.

Click here for the poll

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“PLAZA” Premieres at St.John FBH Church Fulton St Brooklyn

Thank you for everyone who attended the screening of “PLAZA” at St. John FBH Church last night.  The film elicited a vigorous exchange on the meaning of neighbourhood threatened by FAB and DOT — as represented in their superfluous Putnam plaza.  We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  We look forward to gathering together soon again in the New Year to continue the fight for our home values.

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PLAZA: The Fight For Putnam Plaza Short Film Complete

FACT is happy to announce the December 1, 2011 release of “PLAZA, The Fight for Putnam Triangle.”

A couple of years ago the Fulton Area Business Alliance (FAB) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) decided between them to make Putnam Avenue into a pedestrian plaza and claim they were doing so by community demand.

Not! In a now famous petition, the community asked DOT to stop and think seriously about lavishing thousands of scarce public dollars for so frivolous a purpose. The petition attracted 1,900 signers.  Merchants and residents on and near the targeted block of Putnam submitted letters asking DOT to take its hand-me-down schematic back to the drawing board and try to come up with a concept that relates to their stores and the neighborhood, that doesn’t take away a working street, stranding them in empty space.

FAB solicited support at a series of exclusive, by-invitation-only gatherings in Clinton Hill parlors.  Brownstone owners obliged by writing letters in favor of the plaza.

FAB and DOT shut down everyone else:  Neither one acknowledged the petition, the merchants’ and neighbors’ letters, phone calls or emails.

FACT, on the other hand, relishes debate and welcomes different ideas.  FACT loves to ask questions – to get answers!  We asked more than forty residents what they think about the plaza.

FACT hopes you find what they say and how they say it lively and insightful as we do.

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FACT short film nearing completion!

FACT are proud to announce a short 20min film documenting the controversial Putnam pedestrian plaza.

With the help of over 50 residents and surrounding businesses we see how this effects the daily routine of locals and how a plaza they never asked for could be useful to them in the current financial recession.

Editing is near completion and should be ready for viewing on the blog within the next week!

A big thank you to all the contributors to make this film an interesting insight into how a local community views the new plaza trend when forced into an unlikely place like Putnam Triangle on Fulton Street in Brooklyn.

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Putnam Plaza is Bermuda Triangle

Residents speak out against the various dangers of unwanted Putnam pedestrian plaza imposed by unwanted FAB.

Click Here to see the video

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Plaza Brought Down By Local Residents

By MONICA MORALESpix11.com8:17 p.m. EDT, August 23, 2011

The people of Borough Park have spoken — they fought the City and won.  Four pedestrian plazas were taken out of Fort HamiltonParkway today.

It turns out, instead of improving pedestrian access, some people say they have caused traffic nightmares and a blockade for ambulance traffic to a nearby hospital.

“This is a story that should make every New Yorker smile because the people won,” said Assemblyman Dov Hikind.  “Clearly a mistake was made. And to admit it took a lot of guts and I applaud her for it,’ said Assemblyman Hikind, who was referring to D.O.T. Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan who ordered the pedestrian plazas to be installed in the first place.

“This was a big waste and the money could have been used for other things. I’m angry,” said local business owner Michelle Cigiampitro.

The Department of Transportation, tells PIX11 News, “This shows how working with a community can make a project better and our streets even safer for everyone who uses them.”

Click Here For The Video

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FACT Continuing Conversation with FAB/DOT

Thank you FAB, for releasing your power point presentation on the Putnam pedestrian plaza proposal to CB2 of 06/21/2011. It has not been your way heretofore to share information beyond your board of directors. We hope this portends a new era of transparency because secrecy is so unattractive.

We have studied your work and take this opportunity to draw your attention to certain slides that could use a careful official eye.  The slides are starred for convenience.

We look forward to continuing our conversation with you and the DOT.

Link to Slide Show

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Slide 12. Hint: Putnam Traffic (Grand to Fulton) is WESTbound


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Slide 19: “Putnam Plaza” fits on to Putnam Triangle. Voila!

Original FAB/DOT Plans

Our FACT Emendations to Slide 19.

We put all your FAB umbrellas, tables and chairs + a few more onto the “underutilized” Putnam Triangle — with enough room left over for a public toilet for the 42 guests — and preserved Putnam Avenue as the city street it was made to be — for traffic.

What say you, FAB?

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Slide 20: Emergency Massacre on Pedestrian Plaza

Emergency Access according to FAB/DOT. Emergency Vehicles ploughing the wrong way up Fulton Street, right through the plant barriers and hitting, by our count, 26 innocent seated plaza guests. Check our arithmetic: We’re not quite sure how many people are getting clocked (are more people under the umbrellas?)

Slide 20. Corrected schematic by FACT.

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