Putnam Plaza is Bermuda Triangle

Residents speak out against the various dangers of unwanted Putnam pedestrian plaza imposed by unwanted FAB.

Click Here to see the video

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5 Responses to Putnam Plaza is Bermuda Triangle

  1. John Kabuki says:

    Here’s a great video that shows the Fulton area really coming together!

    Keep up the good work.

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for the video. It was nice to see the triangle used for a block party and people enjoying the free massages and hoola hoops. Unfortunately they aren’t there everyday and we the residents are left with the bus problem and an empty, un-used street again. If you go visit any other day than the well publicised opening (to make it look a success) you will notice we all bought the fantasy for a bunch of cheap balloons and hoola hoops.

  2. Hi, again, John,
    The person who made the video is not from Brooklyn/ Fort Greene Clinton Hill. She’s from Portland, Oregon, so her “immediately (knowing) it was one of those Clinton Hill/Fort Greene ‘moments’ from the 70s” is laughable. She lived on Downing Street for a couple of years but made no impression. The answer to her question did anyone recognise her on Sunday is, No.

  3. John Kabuki says:

    Thanks Frisbeeguardenia,
    I guess to most people it doesn’t matter where the videographer is from; the point is that it’s a great video that captures a very successful event. I’ve come by since the event and it’s a nice place to sit while I wait for the bus. I guess I’m not on the same page with FACT.

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