FACT is happy to announce the December 1, 2011 release of “PLAZA, The Fight for Putnam Triangle.”

A couple of years ago the Fulton Area Business Alliance (FAB) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) decided between them to make Putnam Avenue into a pedestrian plaza and claim they were doing so by community demand.

Not! In a now famous petition, the community asked DOT to stop and think seriously about lavishing thousands of scarce public dollars for so frivolous a purpose. The petition attracted 1,900 signers.  Merchants and residents on and near the targeted block of Putnam submitted letters asking DOT to take its hand-me-down schematic back to the drawing board and try to come up with a concept that relates to their stores and the neighborhood, that doesn’t take away a working street, stranding them in empty space.

FAB solicited support at a series of exclusive, by-invitation-only gatherings in Clinton Hill parlors.  Brownstone owners obliged by writing letters in favor of the plaza.

FAB and DOT shut down everyone else:  Neither one acknowledged the petition, the merchants’ and neighbors’ letters, phone calls or emails.

FACT, on the other hand, relishes debate and welcomes different ideas.  FACT loves to ask questions – to get answers!  We asked more than forty residents what they think about the plaza.

FACT hopes you find what they say and how they say it lively and insightful as we do.

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